• Mystical Trixter

    This is a parody of the popular MLP video known as SHED.MOV, if you have interest, watch it here (

    No harm is intended towards anybody involved within this parody, this is mainly for comedy. Also this has gore and porn in it, but that's normal for ERB Wiki related content. So ye, let's get down to business.

    {Our story begins during the Meat attacks of 11/5. As he rampages, we come upon CaveJohnson333, who has just recieved a wiki badge, unaware of Meat coming closer to him, which his companions, Kungfuguy and Metal are, panicking quite clearly)

    Jack: Look guys! I finally got a Lucky Badge! I got a Lucky Badge guys!

    {The other two flee seeing Meatholl rush straight at them.}

    Jack: Guys, where are you a…

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  • Joeaikman

    GIR Life vs The Wiki Part 2

    November 14, 2015 by Joeaikman

    Scott Pilgrim = GIR

    Ramona Flowers = Drakan95

    Knives Chau = Alanomaly

    Members of Sex Bob-Omb = Night, Metal, Flats and Kit

    Wallace Wells = ROA

    Stacey Pilgrim = Dean624

    Stacey's Boyfriend = Bobdave

    Wallace's Boyfriend = Leandro

    Julie Powers = TheDarkLordOfDarkness

    2nd Wikian = Reignic

    Stunt Team = Scraw, Meat and Gliscor

    Envy Adams = Mystical Trixter

    *ROA and GIR are entering a nightclub together*

    GIR: So then Mabel was like...

    ROA: I get it, GIR. Let's not talk abut it to your siste, alriht?

    GIR: Wouldn't she find it interesting?

    ROA: No

    GIR: She might do

    ROA: She won't

    GIR: Oh

    *They approach two people stood at the bar*

    ROA: Yu, didnt tell me you were bringging someone

    Dean: His name is Bob! He likes Pokemon too!

    Bob: Yeah, I thought you said Loyg would be here …

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  • Joeaikman

    *What follows is a fanmade parody. The characters personalities do not necessarily represent their real life personalities*

    Scott Pilgrim = GIR 5 Life

    Ramona Flowers = Drakan95

    Knives Chau = Alanomaly

    Sex Bob-Omb members = The Flatwoods Monster, MetalFire, NightFalcon9004 and Kitana Oasis Black

    First Ex= CaveJohnson333

    *GIR is at a meeting with the rest of Sex Bobomb*

    GIR: Can we play the PM song?

    Flats: Not again. Please God.

    GIR: *singing* oooooh, Flats PM, Night PM, Metal PM tooooo

    Flats: Make it stop

    Night: My ears...

    Metal: I don't know why I'm here!

    GIR: Kit PM, Grav PM, Alan PM, woooo

    Flats: Who the fuck is Alan?

    Night: GIR's new boyfriend

    Flats: How the fuck did you get a boyfriend?

    Kit: GIR is a pretty romantic fellow

    Night: Believe me. I've seen the…

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  • Razzyfilms

    Ramen Rap

    July 22, 2015 by Razzyfilms

    My name's Mega O and I'm rhyming bout top ramen

    This aint a tribute to Francis, I'm just straight up ballin!

    It just isn't common, To see all these noodles coming it's stunning!

    That pile of wheat zig zags I just keep loving!

    The broth is so tasty, And lately, I've been lazy,

    And drinking this dainty, spicy, juice has been getting my mind racing!

    I'm always crazy, and this soup is getting me hazy, And JESUS, my skin is flakey!

    I think I just might have the infection of the soup!

    I Need a doctor, Not just some asprin in a test tube!

    I need a rescue! PLEASE, DUDE!!!! Come on, you're not that rude? Are You UGGGH!

    Oh man... it was just a ramen dream...

    Actually, I think it was just the perfect ramen scheme!

    No, I'm not going to ruin my self esteem, just b…

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  • TheMindofMe

    This Wiki

    April 16, 2015 by TheMindofMe

    Is it dead?

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  • Shadow-Devilishmind

    Hello. You may know me as Devilishmind, Shadow-Lerooy etc. Or you may know me as the horrible scumbag who screwed up all his chances. Well, this is my way of saying goodbye. I previously said it on the thread that Tovorok, NightFalcon and others said on my wall. But I feel that this is my best way to say I'm done here and to show that my farewell on that thread was NOT an April Fools' joke.. I've fucked up on Wikia way too much so this is my farewell blog. And I do mean it this time. I wont come back ever again. My time is done. But I want to thank everyone who supported me for the last 2 years but now its time to move on before I fuck up again. This account will be terminated by Wikia to show that this is the end of the demon that ruined …

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  • Nikki Lee 1999

    1,025 films. 450 down, 575 more to go. I built this list in late 2012, and I have been working on seeing these movies ever since. I've been doing about 2 per day since the beginning of this year. the "(xvc" mark after the film tells me that I have seen the film.

    Seen: 450 (October 13)

    1. Apollo 13 (xvc

    2. Clueless (xvc

    3. Waterworld (xvc

    4. Something To Talk About (xvc

    5. Dangerous Minds (2.99 on Google Play)

    6. Mortal Kombat (xvc

    7. Desperado (xvc

    8. The Prophecy (2.99 on Google Play)

    9. To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (xvc

    10. Clockers (xvc

    11. Seven (xvc

    12. Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (2.99 on Google Play)

    13. Assassins

    14. How to Make an American Quilt (2.99 on Google Play)

    15. Get Shorty (2.99 on Google Play)

    16. Powder (2.…

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  • Nikki Lee 1999

    I lazily coasted on my bike at 3 AM, the emptiest hour of night, in the artificial glow of the iconic Lodi Arch.

    I did not notice the train as it approached. The sound of it did not register with me. But I could not ignore the flashing arm of the crossing gate as it bowed upon the chariot's approach. A thought bounced out of the depths of my mind as I realized this train could deliver me to a place of peace that I had long been waiting for.

    I wondered if I had time to catch it.

    I jolted forward on my bicycle hoping to get to the tracks before the train did. I was too slow. I slammed on my breaks just feet away from the rampaging thing. I forced myself to stay just feet away from its line of fire. I forced myself to inch forward little by litt…

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  • Avatar XIII


    February 9, 2015 by Avatar XIII

    Just came to drop this off.

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  • Epicnail

    Stuff Hurtheal

    January 31, 2015 by Epicnail

    A puppy wins!

    Justin Bieber killed 2/3/15 by NightFalcon9004

    Vanillish killed 2/5/15 by Baby GG

    A toilet killed 2/7/15 by DudeWithASuit

    Corn Flakes killed 2/8/15 by Epicnail

    The rough side of a sponge killed 2/8/15 by Tigerisnormal

    The letter U killed 2/11/15 by NightFalcon9004

    Lottery ticket killed 2/14/15 by DudeWithASuit

    Wikia's new navbar killed 2/21/15 by TheEyeOfAllEyes

    A cup of coffee killed 2/23/15 by Baby GG

    Frosted Flakes killed 2/27/15 by NightFalcon9004

    A stapler killed 3/1/15 by Baby GG

    Bill Nye killed 3/11/15 by Hankaichou

    A cheeseburger killed 3/12/15 by Hankaichou

    Wii U killed 3/12/15 by Tigerisnormal

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  • RarityTheMarshmallow


    January 25, 2015 by RarityTheMarshmallow

    Could someone please join the irc channel I made I'm bored and on my moms tablet

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  • Nikki Lee 1999

    Regarding my block

    January 23, 2015 by Nikki Lee 1999

    Over one year ago, I was responsible for a particularly bad spree of vandalism on the ERB wiki. From December 2013 to April 2014, I was sockpuppeting and creating mischief. I know I have apologized for it before, but I’d like to reiterate, that I am very sorry. If I could go back, and not do the things I did, I would.

    In April of 2014, that sockpuppetry ended and kept myself to one account. I was a good user, who fixed pages, kept the wiki neat, and did what she could to make people feel comfortable on the wiki and amend social situations. I proved in those five months that I could stick to one account and be an upstanding user and an asset to the community.

    In September, I was discovered and blocked. The block was set for two years. Unlike …

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  • Joeaikman

    Joe's Usage of this Wiki

    October 30, 2014 by Joeaikman

    Ohai random people who thought they could just walk in on this wiki I was using.

    I see you have designed a "new Five Stars". Well I'm here to tell you this won't last. I will choose to ignore you and carry on my daily life here, using this wiki to write my battles and make sure my coding is correct. I would please request that you do not vandalise any page that belongs to me or do anything that will interfere with my activities

    Thank you for invading.


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  • Nikki Lee 1999

    The new Five Stars is not going to refer to Five Users like Four Stars does. It's going to refer to Five Clans/Sects/Tribes/Groups whatever. It's going to be a sort of game.

    First, we need a base membership of 20 people. Sign up in the comments. As long as you are one of the first 20 to sign up, sign up order doesn't matter.

    If you see this and all 20 spots are taken, don't worry. You can sign up later in a different way.

    1. Nikki
    2. Nail
    3. Mini
    4. Mocker
    5. Tov
    6. Mind
    7. Random
    8. Night
    9. Joe
    10. Legion
    11. GG
    12. Kurai
    13. Killer
    14. Lerooy
    15. Andrew
    16. Flare
    17. DWAS
    18. Tkid
    19. Grinch
    20. BreZ

    I won't be actively advertising this blog, so it could be a while before 20 people sign up. Feel free to let word of this blog spread if you want.

    After 20 people have signed up, they will pick 5 people other than themselves to be le…

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  • Epicnail

    Best hurt heal ever

    September 28, 2014 by Epicnail

    Canada always wins.

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  • TheMindofMe

    My Apologies

    September 13, 2014 by TheMindofMe

    Hello guys. In case you haven't been here or heard about on ERB Wiki, lately I have been a real ass to this Wiki's founder SliceTHEcake, who is my life-long rival in Wikia, due to him having departed and giving me more so-called "rights". This is all because of my depression, and if you ask me, with depression comes insanity.

    I just wanted to tell you all how sorry I am for the asshole I've been lately (which I already made a blog about on Five Stars). As stated, I like every single person in the Wiki one way or another, and that includes all of you guys. The Wiki has been a big influence on my knowledge, and I really do not want to be remembered as an asshole and end up like Slice.

    Sincerely yours,

    Alec a.k.a. Mind

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