Character Information
Full name Alexa Viola Day (Formerly Robert Francis Day)
Nickname(s) Lexi, Alex, Fire, Brandina, Lex
Born July 28th 1998
Physical description
Hair Dirty Blonde (Plans on dying it.)
Eyes Hazel
Location Information
City of Residence Newton
Country of Origin USA
In a Relationship Yes

Firebrand795 is a member of the Five Stars Wiki.


Fire is an asteroid. She was born July 28th, 1998, and lives in Northern New Jersey (claims it isn't like what everyone makes it to be, but is lying through her teeth). She's had a fairly normal and calm life, not too much to say. She's currently a Sophomore in high school and is in a relationship. She's a proud Irish and claims she's more Irish than American. Recently she has come to the decision of getting a sex change, with support from his friends and family. People who know her through wikis claim she is a nice, likable and funny person, but despite this Fire still has abysmal self esteem.

Also is a psychopathic freak that should be avoided at all costs, not that anybody would want to be around her anyways.

Corresponding PlanetEdit

Pluto ;-;