This is something I wrote back in early 2013 when I was Joey Da Crow.

Ready, set go. It's Joey Da Crow.

A swift kick to the neck with the tip of your toes.

You think you're Super Saiyan laying powerful blows.

He said to meet you after school so you gather your bros.

And at the first strike we circle like vultures.

I guess it's just an aspect of our culture.

We wanna see a lion fight a Persian soldier.

We wanna see somebody pull a weave out

or spit spit some teeth out

Or maybe bleed out.

In blood lust we trust. In justice we doubt.

Got the fight on film, you don't need that.

Got a hunger for violence we shouldn't feed that.

Expectations for peace, we can exceed that.

If you give your enemies feedback, you best believe that!

I performed this over the loud speaker at my high school in the morning before the pledge. It was pretty awesome :)