There once was a boy named Jack

Who liked to pretend he was black

They thought he was racist

But oh well, let's face it

He was just talking smack


There was once a new user

when he started he was a loser

But now he's an OK guy

and he never said a lie

And AVGB is the name of the user

Obama vs Osama Edit

There once was a man named Obama

Who ordered the death of Osama

He was shot in the head

and now he is dead

Cause of death: ballistic trauma

Chappie Edit

There once was a movie called Chappie

And everyone said it was crappy

I saw it regardless

and though, far from flawless,

I left the movie quite happy.


There are pictures of women 

Ones I really want to be in 

So I fapped and I tapped

But then there was jizz all over my lap

How am I going to hide the seman?


There once was a fail named Nail

Who was pale and dressed like a whale

He put on a hat

And just like that

He became a snail


To words, I connect like a modem

I'm adequate in writing that's spoken

Austen? I've surpassed her

Eminem? I rap faster

I've mastered the flow of this poem