This new Google Trends game, which begins January 1st 2015, will be a bit like the last one, but not exactly like the last one. It will use the updated 11 year time frame. The subject of the game is unspecified so that people cannot go and look up the subjects before the game starts. That would take he fun out of the game.

Here is a link to the January 2004 - December 2014 time frame (using Spider-Man and Batman from last game as examples):

We use this time frame because if we used the default "January 2004 - Present" time frame, things would move around ever so slightly as new information about 2015 was being released.

How it will differ from the last gameEdit

  • Instead of a top 30, this will be a top 20
  • Instead of being "How many can we find that are more popular than Darth Vader?", it's going to be "How many can we find that are more popular than the 20th place character?" The first 20 suggestions will automatically be counted and placed. The person who suggested them will have their name in parenthesis after the character. When we can no longer find any character who is more popular than the 20 on the page, the game will be over and people will be given a point for however many of their suggestions are on the page.
  • Obviously, this one won't be about fictional characters.

BTW, the reason it is not just "Top 20 Musicians of all time", is that it would be very very unfair if we did it that way. The list would come out to be 20 people from the last 10 years, plus maybe Michael Jackson and Elvis.

The ListEdit

  1. Michael Jackson (NightFalcon9004)
  2. Madonna (Epicnail)
  3. Tupac Shakur (NightFalcon9004)
  4. Bob Marley (NightFalcon9004)
  5. Elvis Presley (Epicnail)
  6. Mariah Carey (FlareBlitz47)
  7. Celine Dion (FlareBlitz47)
  8. Marilyn Monroe (NightFalcon9004)
  9. Bob Dylan (NightFalcon9004)
  10. Dr. Dre (NightFalcon9004)
  11. Janet Jackson (NightFalcon9004)
  12. Prince (NightFalcon9004)
  13. John Lennon (Joeaikman)
  14. Will Smith (FlareBlitz47)
  15. Elton John (Bantha117)
  16. Jimi Hendrix (Tkid115)
  17. Johnny Cash (Epicnail)
  18. Bruce Springsteen (NightFalcon9004)
  19. Sting (NightFalcon9004)
  20. Whitney Houston (NightFalcon9004)
  21. David Bowie (Randomeverythingish)
  22. Paul McCartney (Baby GG)
  23. Eric Clapton (Silent Mocker)
  24. Kurt Cobain (FlareBlitz47)
  25. Slash (NightFalcon9004)
  26. Frank Sinatra (Baby GG)
  27. Bryan Adams (FlareBlitz47)
  28. Freddie Mercury (Bobdave)
  29. Billy Joel (FlareBlitz47)
  30. Mick Jagger (Baby GG)
  31. James Brown (Randomeverythingish)
  32. Jon Bon Jovi (NightFalcon9004)