Professor Tovorok
Character Information
Nickname(s) Professor Beast Asskicker
Born July
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Location Information
City of Residence Mansion
Country of Origin ???
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Template:Quote Tovorok is a user who joined on July 21, 2014. He enjoys the X-Men movie series and is considered a mutant. He's a friendly man and helps guide people who are lost. He is perhaps one of the most wisest people on the wiki and well respected members. He is on the wiki nearly every day and sometimes misses a day.

Tovorok's friendsEdit





Nikki Lee

Left 4 Speed



Tesla Man

Tovorok is usually seen in chat but leaves silently when it gets boring. He's really friendly to everyone there and can be quite funny sometimes. He's also good friends with Nikki Lee, a fellow X-Men fan.